Quimby's 15 - Print

$ 60.00

9" x 12" Wood Engraving and Letterpress

Hand-printed from a wood engraving and hand-set metal type by Jessica C. White. Signed and numbered in an limited-edition of 240. The text reads:

Quimby's 15 Rules For Life

-in no particular order-

Snuggle with someone at least once a day.

If your butt stinks, stop what you're doing and clean it.

Never turn down a head rub.

Always offer to help when someone looks busy.

Never let anyone trim your claws.

Every now and then, do something silly for no reason.

Thank the hand that feeds you.

Always take a nap after breakfast, preferably in the sun.

Don't poop where you sleep.

Spend quality time with your special puppy every day.

It's ok to be scared sometimes. Some things are just scary.

Ask nicely and wait to be picked up.

Attack bare toes. They must be destroyed.

If you like someone, be sure to let them know.

Stay curious.